Jim Shaw Cares About Hamburg Taxpayers

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Revenue for the Town of Hamburg is primarily raised through taxes and fees that come directly out of your pocket. That’s why, as your supervisor, Jim Shaw will closely monitor the expenditure of such monies with a strict oversight of yearly-approved town budgets and the resultant funding and services that are provided.

Jim will undertake daily supervision and administration of the town’s budget and services. He will work with all town administrators to set yearly goals for reducing expenses and focus on better managing excess spending and surplus budget items.

Jim is also dedicated to immediately eliminating current or potential misuse of town funding and services, without regard to political favoritism. He understands that a strong and healthy town economy is dependent upon a fair and open government.

As your supervisor, Jim Shaw will care about ensuring fiscal responsibility and equality for the benefit of all town taxpayers.

Jim Shaw Cares About Hamburg’s Economy

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One of the many skills Jim Shaw will bring to the office of town supervisor is 42-years of legal expertise in effective negotiation and contract law practices. A prime example of such expertise relates to the natural and man-made attractions that bring people to Hamburg from across the region and state.

Woodlawn Beach is one such attraction that has become a tourist magnet for beach lovers far beyond the town limits. However, the current agreement between New York State and the Town of Hamburg dictates funding and maintenance of the beach be fully assumed by the town, which ends up being paid for by your tax dollars.

As your supervisor, Jim Shaw will care about seeking contracts with New York State and Erie County to formulate yearly subsidies for such maintenance and operation issues as Woodlawn Beach. These subsidies will not only help cover costs associated with tourists benefitting from community resources while bringing dollars to the town’s economy, they will also help mitigate potential increases in town taxes.

Jim Shaw Cares About Representing All Hamburg Citizens

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Throughout his career, Jim Shaw has become known and respected for his commitment to fair treatment and open communication with all people.

That’s why you can be sure, as Hamburg Town Supervisor, Jim will not “fast track” legislative deals to benefit friends or family at taxpayer expense, as has happened in recent years. Every town resident will have equal consideration in all departments of his administration.

Additionally, Jim is focused on implementing community-wide discussions on issues, such as the new sportsplex / hockey arena, to guarantee all town residents will be fully informed on costs and details of such projects. He is also dedicated to undertaking impartial and comprehensive reviews to determine if proposed projects can benefit the town without significantly adding to property taxes.

As your supervisor, Jim Shaw will care about every member of the community having access to the facts and the opportunity to speak on any project or issue before spending taxpayer money.

Jim Shaw Cares About Hamburg’s Jobs & Hiring Practices

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Jim Shaw believes that working for the Town of Hamburg is a privilege. He also upholds the principle that town jobs should be awarded according to skill level, talent and attitude.

That’s why as Hamburg Town Supervisor, Jim will be committed to fair and open job opportunities for town residents through employment based on merit and competent appointments, without regard to political connections or family ties.

Jim will focus on each applicant’s ability and experience to perform the work as essential job qualifiers.

As your supervisor, Jim Shaw will care about blending current town employees with talented new hires in providing the best and the brightest workforce for your tax dollars.