Shaw Invites Gaughan to Public Debate


Reason for Debate: Hamburg is at a turning point with looming issues of vacant properties, the eroding lakeshore breakwall, and the location / construction of a costly, multi-purpose athletic facility. We must tackle these problems, fight against seemingly annual property tax increases, and help Hamburg's youth who have been turning to dangerous drugs in alarming numbers.  

The supervisor who leads the town through these issues will set the tone for the future of our our community. That is why I believe it is crucial for Hamburg residents to have an opportunity to hear from the endorsed candidates of both major parties. 

Below is a transcript of the letter I sent to Dennis Gaughan on July 21, 2017.


Dear Dennis,

I would like to respectfully invite you to participate in a candidate debate series in preparation for the upcoming primary and general elections.

The proposed three-part series would begin with an initial debate in early September with the following two debates scheduled in October. My thought, if you agree, is to reach out to a non-partisan, third-party organization to sponsor and moderate the debates.

If interested, please contact me at my office (716-648-3020) so we can confirm the details and begin public notices.



James M. Shaw

Bryan ShawComment